"I Quit Smoking"


Why Stop Smoking?

  • Save money on cigarettes and health care expenses.
  • Reduced cleaning costs, etc.
  • Greater health and longevity.
  • Stop smelling like smoke.
  • More youthful skin.
  • Gaining more control over your life.
  • No more hassle trying to find a place to smoke.
  • And for more, ask the American Cancer Society…….

What is stopping you? 

What are you afraid of?

  • Fear that you will lose your emotional crutch.
  • Fear that you will experience uncomfortable withdrawals.
  • Fear that you will put on weight.
  • Fear that you won’t be successful.
  • Fear that the process will be painful.


  • You can replace the habit of smoking with something healthier : exercise-enjoy the outdoors- smell that FRESH AIR!
  • I provide you with a  audio recording so you can reinforce your commitment to stop smoking.m
  • You can increase your health, wealth and freedom.
  • Feel better about yourself!